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LongBanShan Industrial Park

YunFeng,SuiChang, Lishui.

Research On The Forging Process Of Automobile Generator Claw Pole

The claw pole is one of the crucial components of the generators. 也被称为磁极,是发电机的一部分形成旋转磁场. That’s the reason why it is one of the essential components. 在过去的几十年里,爪形极点的形成有了很大的进步.

长期以来,发电机爪极的成型一直采用铸造的方法. 但它也有局限性,如电磁性能差,使其失效. The other method is stumping, which also comes with a share of limitations, such as low material utilization. 截桩方法繁琐,电磁性能差.

Forging is the new way of producing generator claw poles. The technology addresses almost all limitations of casting and stumping. With forging claw poles, the process is quite straightforward. It also produces high and better electromagnetic performance. 锻造技术的另一个好处是,你甚至可以做出像发电机爪杆那样最复杂的形状.

For a better perspective, 爱体育将看看一些常见的爪形杆锻造过程. 在本文的最后,爱体育将看看最新的技术,以及为什么它提供了最好的锻造.


Main Claw Pole Forging Processes

汽车发电机爪极的锻造过程更像所有其他汽车零件一样使用硬质金属. There are various types of forging options that can be used. In this guide, we look at some of the most commonly used processed. Check out the following:


  1. Hot-Forged Cold and Refined Forging

The hot-forged cold, 精锻工艺在压力机或锻锤上采用开式锻造方法. 首先将材料加热到结晶温度,以降低变形抗力. It is a forging process that also includes aspects of cold forging.

热锻冷精成形工艺的优点是方便,提高了缺陷极的组织性能. On the other side, there is lower yield performance, and the claw pole shoes may be difficult to fill. So, the forging process may not be ideal for the formation of claw parts.


  1. Warm Forging Cold Forging Joint Process

这是另一种用于汽车零部件生产的锻造工艺. It combines both characteristics of hot and cold forging. The steps include heating, radial extrusion, punching, phosphating saponification, and pressurization, among many other aspects. 加热过程是通过加热到结晶点来减少变形过程. At the molten form, you will be able to forge the machine with ease. 这两种技术的结合也降低了钢氧化的影响. 然而,这一过程可能导致弯曲不良,这可能导致开裂. This makes it not the most ideal for claw poles.


  1. High-Speed Temperature Extruded Forming

This is another technique used for the forming of claw poles. The process includes almost all steps of the hot forging process. The material is heated and then high speed extruded. There are many benefits that come with this technique. The process requires less heating temperature, there is less oxidation, and the dimension accuracy is better. 然而,你仍然需要冷精炼和切割边缘来生产精细的产品. Material consumption is also large. This makes it not the most ideal.


  1. The New Forging Process (Closed Hot Mold Forging)

新的锻造工艺减轻了上述工艺的大部分限制. It is a closed hot mold forging that uses pre-formed molds. These are the molds that form the shape and size of automobile claw poles. 这是一个热锻造过程,材料加热到结晶之前的压力. 然后将材料放在两个模具之间,只需一次压机就可以形成爪子.

闭式热模锻造工艺简单,材料利用率高. 这种技术可以生产出高质量的零件,而且不需要做任何收尾工作. 它也更便宜,不包括很多步骤,如前沿. 这些都是一些优点,使锻造工艺流行于金属零件的生产.


In conclusion, the new forging process shows many potentials, and we expect that it will get better with time. 有很多发展正在进行,这表明未来会有更好的日子. Check out the latest advancement to ensure that you are buying the best closed hot mold forging technology.